We are flexible in how we deliver the courses:

Open Training
We schedule our two-day trainings in varying locations throughout the year open to anyone who registers online at www.leadership.abundantlyWELL.org

Exclusive Training
Our certified trainers are available to serve any
business with less than 1,000 cumulative employees at a location of the organization’s preference.

Shared Training
An organization hosts our courses but allows us to invite others to share in the leadership experience.

Time is precious and some organizations prefer to send associates to a resort getaway for a week and return with two Certificates of Completion.  Typically we include team-building challenges and activities.


Situational Leadership®  saves money.
These courses will diminish presenteeism and absenteeism.  An engaged workforce remain in the organization with the freedom to inspire and innovate.

Situational Leadership® retains employees.
Talent development was never intended to be a revolving door.  When associates receive clear direction and support they are fulfilled and serve at a higher capacity.

Situational Leadership®  elevates classroom GPA
Youth are empowered as they discover their unique points of power so as to lead by serving their teacher, parent, coach, or mentor.

Every course offers a Certificate of Completion from The Ken Blanchard Company.  www.KenBlanchard.com


Situational Leadership® II

A comprehensive and effective model for developing and managing people, time, and resources.  Leaders will learn to direct, coach, and support employees in such a way that fosters and develops competence and commitment so that leaders and the employees they manage will become more self-reliant, skillful, adaptable, and open to new challenges.

Situational Self Leadership

As individuals are challenged to take on new responsibilities, and leaders are learning to let go of authority and empower others, employees must be taught to take hold of this new authority, which is the purpose of this new course.  Based on the principles
of Situational Leadership
® II, Situational Self Leadership was created for employees who must evolve from being responsive
to being responsible and taking the lead when they are not in charge.  This program helps employees set goals, negotiate for
the support they need from their bosses to achieve those goals and manage relationships more effectively.

Student Situational Self Leadership

Situational Self Leadership course adapted for the pre-employed youth and young adults.

Situational Self II Express for Interns

Useful for onboarding interns in your organization’s Situational Leadership® culture.