While the industry focuses upon biometrics, weight loss, gym memberships, and smoking cessation we believe wellness is much more complex. There are many facets to wellness and therefore we continually identify existing resources already available in the community to serve you and your family:
As we assist employers create and sustain a relational culture, employee retention increases. Our wellness interventions reduce absenteeism and presenteeism (being present but non-productive due to stressful realities). Productivity increases with clear communication and intentional listening. When associates are under-appreciated gossip among the team increases as individuals grasp for any sense of power. Everyone needs support. Productivity increases as talent is developed with the skills required for the task towards the objectives and metrics. Everyone needs direction.
Developing healthy habits such as 60-minutes of daily exercise, nutrition, abstaining from drug & alcohol abuse, and avoiding cell phone use while driving will extend your years. There are no shortcuts towards health. Diabetes, heart disease, and various cancers are preventative. The more we align our behavior with our awareness, the more pep we enjoy in our step.
It is safe to assume none of our lives have followed the script we may have envisioned for ourselves. We are all broken people with broken relationships and unmet expectations. We are social beings created for relationship. Emotional wellness includes grieving, optimism, forgiveness, self-love, and a genuine love for others.
There is Hope! All of us (yes, every one of us) have experiences in our life resulting from: GUILT – I have done something wrong; SHAME – I am a bad person; REJECTION – I have been isolated and abandoned.You are not alone. Our stories are more similar than one might assume.
We are spiritual beings with guiding beliefs, principles, values, and direction. Spirituality encompasses a high level of faith, hope, love, and commitment to your beliefs to provide purpose and significance. We have our time and find ourselves musing great mysteries about life, death, and the afterlife. Scientific research has been conducted relating health to prayer and spiritual awareness. Nothing to fear as we explore our questions in community.
So much information is at our fingertips in this technological age. Let’s enjoy a journey as life-long learners exploring recipes, preventative wisdom, and informative Lunch ‘n’ Learns. It is an imperative we move beyond consuming data so as to experience increased awareness available to transform our minds with wisdom. Sometimes the best resolve is relational accountability. Life is always better relationally.
America has been home to diverse immigrants. While many are afraid of our differences, we value the opportunities to learn about the culture among our neighbors. Differences do not have to be divisive. Elementary schools commonly have more than 15 spoken languages (can you imagine that?). A June 13, 2013 article at www.nbcnews.com reports for the first time America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of those 5 years old or younger. The U.S. Census projects the White majority in the United States will become the new minority in 2043 (or sooner).